Reviewing and You: The Index

To introduce the section in general, this is a guide to reviewing that I've posted years ago on a few forums to give people an idea of how interacting on a board-based writing community usually works. It's a bit snarky, but I'd like to think I've covered as many bases as possible here. Should I remember anything else down the line, I'll add it somewhere soon.

No, this is not a guide to teach you how to get started with reviewing. This guide is for those of you who have started reviewing, probably based on what you've seen around a community. It's for those of you who know that reviews happen but might like to fine-tune how you review and interact with members of a writing community.

If you'd like to give me feedback on the guide in general, feel free to send me a message.

So, without further shenanigans, what can you expect in this guide?

Reviewing 101 // What is a review? Why do we do it? How do you get started?

How To Review // Believe it or not, there's a right way or a wrong way to review. What are common mistakes that reviewers make, and how do/why should you avoid them?

A Few Other Helpful Hints // A list of a few little things to keep in mind that could make a big difference in how an author improves.

A Note To the Writers // Reviewers aren't the only ones in the review exchange process. If you're a writer, how should you respond to a review to avoid drama?

How To Review With Class // Most of the guide has been talking about how not to review, so let's take some time to talk about the five easy tips to keep in mind for how a review should be done.

How To Advertise Your Fic // In which the guide tackles the most common question on a writing community: how do I get more reviews anyway?