The Fandex: Explanation and Submissions

To put it in short, the Fandex is a joint effort made by the members of The BBS to create at least one fanwork focusing on each of the 649(+) Pokémon.

To put it in long, that's 649 fanfics, pieces of fanart, fancomics, fanvideos, fangames, anything to represent each of the 649 Pokémon. Why are we doing this? To offer up some fan love for each Pokémon in existence, from Abra to Zekrom, of course!

...Or because we can. That's a good explanation too.


How It Works
Interested in submitting for the Fandex? Awesome! First, a warning: you'll have to have an account on The BBS in order to submit. However, it's very easy to sign up for one and will only take five minutes. You don't even have to post anything else to participate!

Once you've signed up, take a close look at the board rules and make sure what you're writing fits with them. There's only three other rules, outlined by this thread.

Step three: create! You can literally do anything for the Fandex so long as it eventually ends up on The BBS.

After that, post it to the appropriate forum. Fanfic goes in the fanfic forum, fanart goes in the fanart forum, and for everything else, you'll want the fan stuff forum (even if it looks a little misleading there). It's all pretty simple, and if you need specific help, don't hesitate to ask a mod!

Okay, so you have a thread created, right? Now what do you do? Post here and wait! Remember to link to your thread as well in your post! Eventually, an approver will come along and add it to the fandex list on the board for everyone to check out, and within a few days (depending on the complexity of your piece), it'll be up on this site. Pretty easy, right?


Wait! I have a question!
No problem! If you'd like to submit a question check out the discussion post or feel free to e-mail Jax!