Anima Ex Machina: Extra #5 [Ellen Joy]

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Full Name: Ellen Joy (One of the common themes for most of the female original characters is that they're named after characters in well-known sci-fi movies. Ellen, for example, is named after Ellen Ripley, the main character in the movie Alien.)
Japanese Name (if this was an anime): Eri Joi (The kanji used in her first name give it the meaning "pear blessing.")
Age: 26
Birthdate: March 2
Blood Type: A

- Registered pokémon nurse
- Gym inspector (see affiliations)

- Mauville City Pokémon Center
- The Hoenn League
- Pokémon Inspection Agency (While she's not a traveling inspector, part of her duty as a Nurse Joy is to ensure that her local gym is up-to-standards. This involves visiting a gym and inspecting it for safety violations as well as gauging how well a gym leader interacts with trainers. At some point -- namely, the episodes in canon -- she was lax with Wattson, largely because she was completely unaware that he had decided to create a pack of mecha-raikou in the first place.)

Personal Affiliations:
- Ethnicity: Japanese (Her family name was romanized into Joy after the peace treaty mentioned here. To be specific, Earth history is generally the same in their universe as it is in ours, only with a few events added in -- like the burning of the tower in Ecruteak and the ancient pokémon war -- and with pokémon and advanced technology wherever possible. However, it branches off after World War II in that while there were still a few wars and political unrest here and there, the world population is still closer to international peace compared to reality. As such, language barriers have been broken down with a single international language -- Common -- and a lot of cultural exchange occurred to the point where Japanese kids were given names like Ash and Gary upon birth. In the process, some families chose to anglicize or romanize their names. e.g., Ookido became Oak, Junsa became Jenny, and Joi became Joy.)
- Nationality: Japanese citizen (registered in Hoenn)

- Sexuality: Heterosexual

- Religion: Hoennian (Hoennian is a lot like Johtonian at the very basic with some key differences. For example, while Johtonians worship Ho-oh as the right hand of the highest kami possible, Hoennians feel that there is no particular supreme god. Rather, they believe that the earth had been wished into creation by Jirachi and molded into shape by Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza, so each of the main legendaries are equal with one another. Moreover, whereas Johtonians worship their legendaries as angry gods -- hence the judgment theme with the roaming trio, Ho-oh, and Lugia -- Hoennians view their legendaries purely as spirits of nature. They're worthy of respect just because they're spirits, but they're not necessarily all-powerful. Ellen herself believes heavily in this, although her personal beliefs include Jirachi as a sort of all-powerful spirit. Specifically, while she understands that most of the legendaries are just spirits of nature, she feels that Jirachi watches over everyone and bestows blessings to good people. That is, while she believes in modern medicine, she also believes that good things happen in part because of Jirachi's power.)

- Political: Moderate (It's not that Nurse Joy hates politics. It's just that she has no particular opinion on anything. She doesn't see it as her priority, really, except where health care is concerned.)

Character Background
- Except for nursing school, Ellen hasn't been outside of Mauville City. She was born there and raised there by another Nurse Joy and an engineer who worked in New Mauville. Most of her childhood was fairly ordinary, although from a young age, she knew she was going to be a nurse. It wasn't so much that she wanted to be one (She actually wanted to be an artist.), but she felt it was her duty to follow in her mother's footsteps. For this reason, she spent a lot of her time around the pokémon center, getting to know how things work.

- Her father died when she was fairly young. The story behind this centers around New Mauville, which had always been Mauville City's chief power plant. However, up until recently, it wasn't fully automated. What changed that was a sudden invasion of electric pokémon that drove the workers out of the plant and nearly shut down Mauville's power grid. Ellen's father was among the engineers who designed and installed the system that would switch Mauville over to a machine-maintained generator so that the plant could operate by itself without interference from the resident pokémon or the need for human workers. During installation, however, the trainers assigned to protect the engineers couldn't drive back the waves of pokémon. Seven got alive but injured. Ellen's father wasn't one of them. Despite this, Ellen is a largely stable individual.

- At the age of ten, Ellen didn't go on a trainer's journey like a lot of other children (Veronica included). Instead, she remained in school for the next ten years, graduating from elementary, junior high, and high school in the process. She took a year to do prep work for a specialized nursing school (one specifically for training pokémon nurses) before finally entering and graduating within a couple of years. As expected, she excelled in the sciences, particularly in biology and anatomy. Not only that, but her teachers always knew her to be a hard-working and studious individual.

- In other words, she pretty much had no social life as she went through school.

- After graduating nursing school, she was assigned both Chansey and the Mauville Pokémon Center. (Her mother had taken an offer to transfer to Ever Grande City due to a demand for experienced nurses to staff the clinic at Hoenn League's headquarters.) For the next several years, she served as a pretty competent pokémon nurse, and in the process, she eventually came out of her shy shell to become a friend to everyone who passed through her center, Thom and Veronica especially.

- The ixodida invasion came suddenly, and as the heart of Hoenn, Mauville was hit especially hard. The problem was that Mauville sat on a crossroads. Ground-type ixodida wanted to migrate across the narrowest part of the river that divided the island (namely, the one to the west of the city) and head northward to the desert. All of the other types felt that the fields to the west and south were viable hunting and breeding grounds. In short, Mauville just happened to be an obstacle to the ixodida, so in their attempt to get to new territory, they had to pass through the city. This sparked a war between humans (who were terrified of the creatures and thought of them as threats, especially after the survivors of Fortree completely disappeared) and the ixodida, which in short led to about 90% of the city getting wiped out. Ellen was one of the people who took in the hardest because although trainers stranded by the quarantine protected both her and the pokémon center with everything they had, she couldn't save the majority of them.

- After the decimation of Mauville City, the remaining survivors moved inward, taking up residence in the pokémon center (which was at the very heart of the city) and surrounding buildings. They formed a "tribe" that was headquartered in the pokémon center, so Ellen took up the duty of being a sort of matron to them. In addition to her clerical duties, she also started taking care of the children, cooking meals from the supplies brought back by hunting parties, and lending a sympathetic ear to any survivor who wanted it. Because of these new duties, she's done her best to hide her depression over her inability to do her job during the decimation, hence why she's at first described as feeling "empty."

Family: More Nurse Joys than she cares to count. All of them are identical to her, and all of them are nurses. Three of them are her sisters (although they decided to be posted to different regions), and one other is her mother, who transferred to Ever Grande City after giving Ellen Mauville City. Ellen doesn't think too much about the fact that all of her female relatives share uncanny resemblances to her. It's just something that's always been a given.

Notable Associates:
- Officer Veronica Jenny: Ellen's best friend. The two go way back, ever since they were children. This is entirely because the Jenny and Joy families have, since the two realized that they have a lot in common (namely, weird genetics that cause every female to be identical and inclined to take up the same occupations) centuries ago, existed as a close-knit group with each other. As such, shortly after Veronica and Ellen were born, they were introduced to each other and became pretty inseparable. Their relationship dynamic tends to make things interesting, though, because they both realize they're pretty unique individuals. Whereas Ellen is content with her destiny to be another Nurse Joy, Veronica is more individualistic and broody because of it. As a result, Ellen frequently acts as a balancer to Veronica: she keeps the officer's temper in check and tries to be a voice of reason. It doesn't always work.

- Thomas Wattson: Ellen had been, prior to the invasion, a rather close friend of the gym leader of Mauville City. Due to her position, she also had close ties to the city mayor. Both of these men just happened to be Thom's grandfather and father, respectively. As a result, Ellen knew Thom for years, ever since she first started working for the pokémon center a few years ago. At first, they were only mild acquaintences, but Thom, who's incredibly friendly and the kind of person who constantly looks for places to slack off (like the pokémon center), quickly made himself a regular fixture in her clinic. She doesn't mind, however, in part because she's amused by his attempts to flirt with her and in part because she sees him as mostly harmless.

- Chansey: (Chansey, like most other pokémon in the fic, does not have a nickname. This is because this is largely anime canon, where the norm isn't to give pokémon nicknames at all. Hence, most characters don't.) Her other best friend, "assigned" to her shortly after her graduation from nursing school. Because Chansey is a pokémon, she sees herself largely as Ellen's faithful servant and assistant, although Ellen prefers to see her as more of an equal. For this reason, Ellen very rarely uses Chansey's poké ball and allows Chansey to do whatever she pleases, but Chansey mostly stays close to Ellen and fulfills most of her orders. (There are notable exceptions to the latter, such as certain issues concerning whether or not a certain ixodida should be set free.) Still, although Chansey is largely obedient, she realizes that Ellen is her close friend -- or at least the closest thing to a friend she'll get -- and serves as her support and adviser.

Powers and Abilities:
For the most part, Ellen is a completely normal human being. She has no significant powers or abilities, save for:

- An advanced understanding of medicine (including pharmaceutical knowledge and knowledge in herbal and holistic medicine).

- An incredible bedside manner (to the point where she serves as a diplomat in a lot of situations).

- A wealth of patience and a steady hand (capable of surgery).

She also owns a chansey. Because of the way battles are written in this fic (namely, there's no restrictions on the number of moves a pokémon can use), this means any of a chansey's moves are at her disposal, but she most frequently prefers to use Sing and Softboiled. Ellen herself isn't particularly keen on the idea of fighting, so she prefers to rely on someone else to go on the offensive.

Other Notes That Are Somewhat Plot-Relevant:
- The Joy family, contrary to popular belief, aren't clones, aliens, robots, the results of serious plastic surgery, or anything out-of-the-ordinary. They're just subject to a bout of strange genetics that causes every female to look identical to one another. It's not completely understood how this happens, but it's the subject of interest to certain geneticists. The trait even has a name: the Jenny-Joy phenomenon. As for the reason why every single one of them became a nurse, that's entirely the fault of tradition, really.

- Ellen really is an actual pacifist. While she realizes she can't stop anyone else from fighting (especially because her world revolves around pokémon battling), she goes out of her way to avoid it herself. This is why she prefers to use Sing whenever possible: because it disables an attacking opponent so she can get away before she's forced to fight.

- She's the same Nurse Joy as seen in the anime. Most of her personality had been affected by watching the fall of Mauville, but she still retains that same concern for the people around her.

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