The Domain was registered April 14, 2008, at Arvixe. Its space is provided by, hosted by the lovely Camisado.

The site comes as a long line of tried and failed collectives and fansites created by Jax Malcolm since 1999. Many of these sites are not worth mentioning with the exception of Keeper, whose content has actually survived since its first incarnation as *Forgotten*Lights* back on Geocities in 2000. In the meantime, the collective itself has been neglected, revamped, and moved from one server to another since around 2001, and many of these incarnations have been deleted or lost to hosts' domains suddenly falling through.

Finally, in spring of 2008, Jax bought a domain, teamed up with Camisado for hosting, and settled down at the current domain with the goal of not only giving her own work a home but also to provide something new and different for the fandom. You know. Something other than yet another generic information site. It took awhile of procrastination and real-life worries before was finally released over a year later, on September 20, 2009.

The Webmaster
The content of the site is managed by Jax Malcolm, alias JX Valentine. She is a twenty-something, recently graduated English major with an aspiration to be a copy-editor, an overactive imagination, and delusions of grandeur. Most of her time in the fandom is spent in the fanfiction and roleplaying scenes. She currently lives in Texas.

The Mascot
By a stroke of sheer luck (read: opening an online Pokédex and scrolling down to a random Pokémon), the site mascot became Wynaut shortly before the launch of the site. Wynaut. Pokémon 360. And this is Studio Revolution, and there's 360 degrees in-- okay, yeah, we know.

He currently has no name, but if you're feeling really bored, the SRNet staff is always entertained by name suggestions.

Contact Us
In case you're wondering why our contact information is so hard to find, it's because of the sheer amount of spam Jax tends to get through contact forms, guestbooks, and traditional e-mails. This is also why it's preferable to simply contact an administrator via the forums or to use the forums' contact form in a pinch. If you want to get in touch with Jax specifically (considering she's the one behind the main site), feel free to use any of the contact methods below:

E-mail // (Note: Remember to replace the AT in the subject line!)
AIM // Spica Vision
Forums // Profile here!

Additionally, anonymous comments on any part of the site are enabled here. Please no spamming or flaming!