On Studio-Revolution.net

The BBS // Our board. A full-fledged community with a focus on the Pokémon fandom, from fanfiction to roleplaying and from fan music to an anime-style battling league.

Keeper // Reincarnation of Forgotten Lights, the largest, oldest, and possibly only remaining fansite to the Pokémon character Bill on the 'net. Includes detailed information, an image gallery, and more.


The Sailor Moon Project // Jax watches Sailor Moon. Hilarity ensues.

Remember the 90's? // Jax's fandom blog, for rants, plot bunnies, and everything else fandom-related.

AZTEC RAVE MONKEY // An LJ version of Jax's Dreamwidth.

JX Valentine @ Fanfiction.net // Jax's (current) Fanfiction.net account.

JX Valentine @ Twitter // For random things Jax finds on the internet and short, random thoughts on her mind.

banzaisebastian @ deviantART // Jax's poetry, fanart, and writing bits.