Anima Ex Machina: Chapters

Please note that each of the links below open in a new window. However, it's not necessary to open each link separately, as each chapter has a link to the next (and previous) one at the bottom of each page.

Also, as a random note, each chapter title is actually a sentence long. The one-word links are only keywords.

# Link Audio
Zero Stars Listen
One Meet N/A
Two Fallout N/A
Three Pandora N/A
Four Reality N/A
Five Uneasy N/A
Six What? N/A
Seven Deal N/A
Eight Situation N/A
Nine Voices N/A
Ten Violence N/A
Eleven Checkmate N/A
Twelve Together N/A
Thirteen Gunpowder N/A
Fourteen Face N/A
Fifteen Storm N/A
Sixteen Closer N/A
Seventeen Pistol N/A
Eighteen Power N/A
Nineteen Shot N/A
Twenty Word N/A
Twenty-One Phoenix N/A
Twenty-Two Lied N/A
Twenty-Three Wake N/A
Twenty-Four Lizard N/A
Twenty-Five Depend N/A
Twenty-Six Memory N/A
Twenty-Seven Machine N/A


Event Link
Christmas 2011 Curtain
Christmas 2011 Pickup Lines (AUDIO ONLY)