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What Are The Top Photo Editing Software App?

The internet has expanded our horizon and gave the opportunity to increase our experiences richer and newer things every day. In the photography department too , the internet has provided people with many wonderful and powerful photo editing apps like Adobe Photoshop, Snapseed etc. Developers work have worked hard everyday to increase the User Interface and User Experience so that graphic designers always can keep in track with the latest industry demands. We have seen  increased activity  of normal users in using editing apps and such good examples of such apps are BeautyPlus Me, SODA Cam, Kuji Cam.

The Most Famous Photo Editing Apps Are


Snapseed is one of the most famous phone photography app. It was created by Nik Software and now Google owns it.  It ranks at the top of the most powerful apps in internet as it allows user with professional editing features like ISO, Saturation, Brightness etc and advanced features like HDR Scape, Automatic Adjustments.



This app is built for community for photographer and it allows them to share photos, videos and other works. Apart from that you can get what a powerful photo app can deliver like setting of filters  and adjustments in exposure, skin colour and contrasts etc. The VSCO X Membership is the paid version of the app which has collaboration with Kodak and Fuji cameras.


Piscart is a powerful college leading app with about 500 million of active users. It ranks in the top tier of best photo apps. It offers users variety of effect like collage maker, clip art library and you can use picsart photo background effects for changing the background of images to have more creative and crazy shots. Picsart is basically free and provides tons of stickers, filters, cliparts, face changes etc.


There are many photo editing software available on play store, apple app and in the internet. For desktop editing of photos Adobe Photoshop is the most widely used by designers and professionals. When it comes to Phones apps like Snapseed and Pics art ranks top mainly due to the ability of picsart photo background editing features which allows users to have more flexibility in editing. Happy Editing